QFS' Short-Term Residential Therapeutic  Program (STRTP) 

We exist to provide short-term residential therapeutic services on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis, in a highly structured home environment to help adjudicated and non-adjudicated adolescents develop new patterns of positive behaviors. We provide children, ages 0-17, and non-minor dependents, ages 18 -to 21, with core services and community resources to facilitate family reunification, permanent placement, and/or a transition to adulthood. Quality connects our youth to skilled Resource Families who are compassionate, understanding, and nurturing. Through the various support services provided and guidance of the Resource Family, every child will be given the opportunity for achieving a successful adulthood.

For children and non-minor dependents who require special care in a secure, structured environment prior to being placed with a Resource Family or transitioning into adulthood, they may be placed in one of our STRTP residences for therapeutic treatment and/or core services. Quality's clients come from a wide realm of economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity. Because each youth comes to Quality with unique needs, everyone receives a comprehensive intake assessment which will ultimately lead to an individualized Needs and Services Plan. Throughout their stay at Quality STRTP facilities, client services and supports are tailored to meet the needs of each individual and family being served. 

Quality receives funding for the care and supervision of each client from their county's California Departments of Social Services (CDSS) and/or Juvenile Justice. STRTP rates are determined by the CDSS Foster Care Audits and Rates Branch. Therefore, privately placed clients are required to pay the same program rate.

Quality's ultimate goal is for each client to be able to maintain a stable placement with their family, a Resource Family, or have Quality provide the appropriate resources and support they need to pursue an independent living plan that meets their expectations and long-term goals. 

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Mental Health  Services for Youth
Quality's Mental Health program provides therapeutic services for our foster children and non-minor dependents.  Individualized care and treatment plans are created for each person no matter what type of placement they are in. Our therapeutic service providers, that are trauma-informed and culturally relevant, partner with the youth's family and/or the significant people in their lives they select; educational and medical support providers; and appropriate communuity resources to provide comprehensive quality services for their entire well-being; the whole person. 

We work collaboratively with each client and their "Child & Family Team" to identify and implement an individualized Needs and Services Plan that meets each client's physical, emotional, academic, and social needs from a "person-centered", culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and strength-based perspective.

Each client's Child and Family Team (CFT) includes:  

Licensed Psychologists and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists

We provide the following core services for our clients:        Speciality Mental Health Services; Transition Services; Educational, Physical, Behavioral, Mental Health, & Extracurricular Supports; Transition to Adulthood Services; Permanancy Support Services; and Indian Child Services, as appropriate.

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