Quality Foster Care
We provide children, ages 0-17, and non-minor dependents, ages 18 - 21, with services and community resources to facilitate family reunification, permanent placement, or a detailed plan and support for transitioning to adulthood. QFC connects children to skilled Resource Families who are compassionate, understanding, and nurturing.  Through the support and guidance of the Resource Family, every child will have the opportunity for a successful future. 

What we look for in a Resource Family:

  • Have patience and realistic expectations

  • Be an advocate and a role-model

  • Have time to invest in our children

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Be firm but fair

To be a Resource Family you need:​ 

  •  To  be at least 25 years of age​                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ​​
  • ​LiveScan clearance for any household members over age 18 (DOJ, FBI, Child Abuse Index)

  • Valid California Driver's License and DMV printout

  • Health Screen/TB Test

  • CPR Certification

  • Auto Insurance & Homeowner/Renter's Insurance

  • Home Study Evaluations & Inspections

  • Complete 24-hour, Trauma-Informed Care Training  
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